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  • Depeche Mode "Where's the Revolution"

    Par YANN AUBERTOT, publié le jeudi 24 mai 2018 12:04 - Mis à jour le jeudi 24 mai 2018 12:04
  • MASSIVE ATTACK "Teardrop"

    Par YANN AUBERTOT, publié le mercredi 17 janvier 2018 11:22 - Mis à jour le lundi 12 février 2018 16:24
  • System of a Down "Hypnotize"

    Par YANN AUBERTOT, publié le mardi 23 janvier 2018 11:07 - Mis à jour le mercredi 24 janvier 2018 08:47
  • THE PRODIGY "Firestarter"

    Par YANN AUBERTOT, publié le mercredi 24 mai 2017 10:15 - Mis à jour le lundi 29 mai 2017 11:43

    The Prodigy is a British electro-punk band. It was formed in 1990 in Braintree, Essex by Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim Reality.

    They have released 6 studio albums and a live DVD called World's on Fire.

    The song Firestarter was released in 1996 on the third album called The Fat of the Land.

    In the music video the singer Liam Howlett is wearing a sweatshirt with the stars and stripes of the American flag. The video was filmed in an abandoned underground tunnel in Aldwych, London.

    I like this song because it is very energetic and the music is both electronic and rock.

    Charles YOSBERGUE, 3èmeD




  • ALOE BLACC "I Need a Dollar"

    Par YANN AUBERTOT, publié le dimanche 28 mai 2017 17:06 - Mis à jour le dimanche 28 mai 2017 17:06

    Aloe Blacc is an american singer and rapper from California.

    In 1995 he started singing in a band called Emanon and he became famous as a solo artist in 2010 when his song I Need a Dollar was featured in the opening titles of the TV series How to make it in America.

    Since then he has released 2 albums called Shine Through and Good Things.

    Cassidy GOSSART, 3èmeD
    Aline FALIGANT, 3èmeC






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